Pilates is preventative maintenance or rehabilitative to the MS client. With a qualified instructor, posture and movement are the primary factors when starting an exercise program. If an MS client experiences a neurological set back or “flare-up” it can then cause compensatory issues. For example, a numb foot can cause a person to drag the foot or use the hip flexors to lift the leg too high for fear of falling . Thus you can get hip issues or the gait gets compromised causing other physical ailments. Pilates facilitates correct movement behavior so the muscles can learn to work more efficiently. It helps strengthen weakness and loosen unwanted tensions and spasticity. Pilates helps the neuromuscular system to be reeducated. Pilates can be modified to meet the MS students needs with progressions added when necessary. Because pilates is not considered cardiovascular it is safe for a student to work harder with the assistance of springs and gravity on the machines which can be altered to achieve more functional movement. We focus on breathing, postural alignment, concentrating on correct bodily movement and try to find a mind/body balance so students can control their own movements. We work on balance, gait, proprioceptive problems and bladder issues as well. Let us design a program for you with your goals in mind. We will treat your MS symptoms and you as an individual. This program can be designed for those with stroke, Parkinsons or other neurological disorders as well. We also accept patients that use the aid of a cane and wheelchair.