new-years-open-houseIt’s that time of year again. Everyone is talking about resolutions. Facebook and instagram are covered with posts on New Year’s goals, and friends and family are asking everyone about what they want to stick to for 2017.

Each year you promise yourself that you will do this, and you won’t do that. Then most of us stop quickly. Me included. 

And if you stop, you feel guilty and beat yourself up for not sticking to it. And the vicious cycle begins again.


We all think getting motivated to reach a goal requires tough love and doing things that are hard and painful. These goals usually come from a place or feeling shame and feeling not ‘good enough’.

And it’s not your fault if you do! Weight loss, fitness, and fad diets are advertised everywhere.

Despite the fact that these kinds of goals have the opposite effect on motivation than we hope, most people continue to set them and get frustrated when their resolutions have come and gone by January 8th.

So here’s my big tip for you this year when it comes to your resolutions:

How about we make a pact to be kinder to ourselves instead of setting out on a mission to improve ourselves with goals that if we stumble on and fall over, we beat ourselves up over.

If you find yourself slipping off track with the goals you’ve set – forgive yourself.

You haven’t failed just because it’s mid-January and you’ve already stopped. You can get back on track and pick yourself up.

Of course it’s easier said than done. Being kind to yourself is a difficult thing to do. But while it might take a lot more self-reflection than counting calories and drinking green juices, giving yourself second chances is the path to successful goal setting in any area of your life.

So have a plan, set mini goals to achieve your overall goal. Let the staff at The Studio by AP help you set those goals we are always here for support.  We love to celebrate the achievements you make along the way and know it’s ok to slip up, you’re human, I slip up all the time! Remember this weekend we celebrate our 100 class club for the first time. Is that your goal for 2017? Let’s break it down into manageable pieces. You could say get to class twice a week this year and you are there. Option two 12 classes a month and you are there in 10 months!

All you will be far more likely to stick to the healthier habits you’ve set yourself this year if you have accountability and reasonable expectations.

What goals you’ve set yourself for 2017? 

Oh and I am sure it is to take a barre class! Stop at our Open House this weekend at The Studio by Absolute Pilates.