Lynette Pertschi

I only just started teaching Pilates and Barre in 2015. I was never an athlete during school years, but I always worked out. I loved the feeling of accomplishing a great class. I cannot remember a time when I did not workout. I think I have tried every exercise fad there was to try along the way. Working out with friends and getting out of the house as I got older and had children is what kept me sane.

Here’s a little bit about me:

Several years ago, I injured my knee and what I was able to do in the form of exercise came with a short list. I was left with cycling when it felt good, yoga, and Pilates. Well, Pilates was so hard, I hated it. Literally. I would go once a week and try, but I could always convince myself to not go. A new class came to the fitness center I belonged to and I fell in love with it – BodyFlow, a yoga/Pilates combo class. It felt right to me. I took it every day it was offered. Unfortunately, I started having serious knee issues and had to go to physical therapy. To my surprise, I was doing Pilates three times a week with the physical therapists. I became stronger and had no knee pain. At that point, I started taking reformer classes with Allison, in the basement of her house and hot yoga at a friend’s studio. It was exactly what I needed. I then added in mat and barre classes and fell in love again.

I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. I love teaching more than I thought I ever would. I like to share the knowledge I have gained and watch when a client gets that “AH HA” moment – I can do that now! Plus, one of my favorite feelings is at the end of a really hard class and you question, “Did I work out?,”  because you feel so good. Mat and barre are like a physical therapy session for the day.

I teach mat and barre at Absolute Pilates and Barre in Mechanicsburg and also at The Studio by Absolute Pilates in Mechanicsburg.

My Resume:

I have my Pilates Mat Certification from Absolute Pilates and my Barre Certification from Absolute Barre. My volunteer list and “jobs” list are lengthy. Behavioral Support Aide at Eisenhower Elementary, registrar for the Camp Hill Soccer Club, Designer of the Camp Hill Borough Newsletter, President of the Camp Hill Middle School High School Association, Communicator for New Cumberland School of Ballet where my daughter dances, and I am sure there will be something added by the time you read this.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I have never given this a thought before with not quite two years under my belt. But I am going to say, my philosophies are that you should TRY IT and if it is hard, TRY IT AGAIN, Form is everything, Slow and Methodical, Be where you are, not where your neighbor is and Embrace where and who you are.

My Rocks:

Would be my husband and my three children. They have watched me for years working out, being healthy. It was difficult for me to take the step into teaching but they all thought that was crazy because that is what I did, work out every day.