Lyndsay Hammer

Here’s a Little Bit about Me:
Hi! I’m a Jersey girl living in a PA world. I was born and raised at the beach, but work brought me to the Central PA mountains and I love it here. I am married with 3 kids and work full-time so finding time to work out and get me time is super difficult. I also found myself struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety after my third child. I knew I needed to do something, but didn’t know what would feel right. I started coming to barre classes at The Studio by Absolute Pilates and that’s when everything changed. I found that I could get the time for me that I needed, while gaining confidence and strength I didn’t know I had.

My Resume:
I’m a client turned instructor working on my barre certification. My hobbies before kids were dance and theatre, so becoming a barre instructor is a great way for me to still feel connected to that part of me. I’m the first and last one on the dance floor and I plan to bring that energy to every class (even at 5:30AM!) I have experience teaching kids from infants to 8 years old fitness skills and really enjoy that as well. When I’m not at the barre, you’ll find me on a yoga mat, running, or binge watching Netflix (when the kids let me!)

My Teaching Philosophy:
I am a big believer in exercising to prove to ourselves how strong and capable we are and not as punishment. Plus, while it needs to be challenging, it should be fun! I also hope to reach people who are nervous to try something like barre and show them how it’s for everyone, no matter where they are at. We can all be our very own barre-bie!

My Rocks:
My Jersey roots and family have helped me become who I am. I love and thank them for that. My husband, Mike, and kiddos are my every day encouragement and joy. It’s some form of chaos most days, but it’s a beautiful mess. 😊 They each have their own way of supporting me and loving me and I feel fortunate for that!