Lauren Kutz


A lifelong dancer and performer, I was looking for a form of exercise that helped me to keep dance in my life as an adult. That is when I found Pilates and Barre. I started taking Pilates equipment classes in the fall of 2013 and was hooked right away. I took my first barre class not long after that. I felt right at home in both of these classes and knew I needed to make both forms of fitness a part of my life forever.

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’ve lived most of my life in Mechanicsburg, PA. I always thought I wanted to live in New York City, but upon graduating college, moved back to Central PA and it is the area I continue to call home (only a four-minute drive from the home where I spent most of my life). I had always wanted to own a business, but never knew what kind of business I wanted to own. I always thought I wanted to be a wedding planner, but there was a big part of me that always needed to have dance and theatre in my life, even as an adult. A barre studio seemed to be the perfect fit for me. When my husband and I found our house in the fall of 2015, our new neighborhood was also the perfect location for a barre studio.

I’m beyond lucky to say that being a Pilates and Barre instructor (along with being a studio co-owner) is not just my for fun job, but my day job. I have a great business partner that I work with to make our studio the better each day. I’ve also found that I love teaching teachers how to teach. I look forward to holding teacher trainings and love watching my new instructors teach classes. It is one of my great prides when clients tell me they love my classes, but even more so when they love the class of a teacher that I trained.

My Resume:

I earned my two Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing and in Theatre with a concentration in Dance from West Chester University in 2012. Looking for a form of exercise that was similar to dance, I started taking Pilates Equipment classes from Absolute Pilates. I started my Comprehensive Pilates training in May of 2014. By the end of 2014, I completed my 450-Hour Pilates Mat and Equipment Certification, and my Barre Certification. In 2015, along with Allison Zang, I wrote the current barre training program that we use with our teachers called Absolute Barre. Since then, we’ve done about two teacher trainings a year and are working on expanding our barre training program, along with workshops that we offer. I continue to take Pilates, Barre, and Dance classes when we travel, among other fitness classes, to stay current on trends and new methods of teaching. I also take workshops that benefit me, my instructors, and my clients when they are available to me.

My Teaching Philosophy:

Your workout should be fun for you! That includes not only the physical part of your workout, but also the atmosphere of the class, the instructor leading you, the environment you are in, and the people around you. If you don’t love your workout, you won’t do it. I have never been a gym person. If I had to get my workout in by running on a treadmill or walk myself through lifting weights, I would be miserable. I’ve always loved a variety of classes lead by fun, enthusiastic instructors guiding me along the way. Working out should be something fun for you that not only fits into your life, but something you look forward to fitting into your life. You should not only feel amazing when you are finished, but you should look forward to coming to class each day. I know I feel that way about classes because I grew up going to dance class four to six days a week and you can definitely tell I have a dance background when you take one of my classes. I’m not saying that you will be doing complex dance moves or super elaborate choreography, but my classes have a strong focus on form, balance, little movements in addition to the big movements, and isolating different parts of the body. I also frequently incorporate a cardio element into my classes (cue the kickline!).  Don’t be surprised if you come into one of my classes and some or all of the class is perfectly choreographed to the music either! It is one of the things I pride myself on as an instructor and is what I would say my clients like the most about my teaching style.

My Rocks:

I’m lucky to have an amazing support system of family and friends in my life. My husband Ryan is my rock and always pushes my to go further, try harder, and helps me achieve a new best each and every day. He will even substitute classes for me or let me bounce ideas off of him for new moves to try in class. My parents have always supported me and helped me in any way that they can. My mom is an unlimited member of the studio and my dad will make the occasional appearance during Bro’s at the Barre or any major studio event. I also have two brothers that will take class from time to time. I’m also lucky enough to have a great extended family and I have a great group of friends. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all of these great people in my life.