Kathleen Bowman

Competitive and type-a personality with an extremely well-planned agenda is typically the kind of life I like to live by. Just last week, my mom called to make plans to see me and I told her I wasn’t free for a month and a half! Obviously, I found the time to see her! But when it comes to working out and time at a barre class, I let my hair down and can really enjoy myself.  Working out in the morning really starts my day off on the right foot (not to mention the extra time for coffee) and then working out at night helps me unwind and relax from a long day at work! No matter what day of the week or time of the day, I’ve found time to be at the barre and to see mom. So hey, why not come join me?

Here’s a little bit about me:

I was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland until 2006 when my family moved to Adams County, PA.  From there, I finished high school and went on to earn my undergrad degree in Public Administration. Right after college, I got a job offer and moved to Harrisburg, PA. At work, I met my fiancé and we have recently moved to Mechanicsburg! Recently adding two fur-babies (Labradoodle and a Japanese Chin) to the family makes my heart (and the house) full [of excitement].  Not to mention they make guests appearances on evening walks outside The Studio by AP in Arcona!

Once I started working a full-time career, (one that averaged 70-80 hours a week), I started to slack off on exercising regularly. Since then, I have taken a step back into a job with less hours and really enjoyed getting back into the habit of exercising.  After adding exercise back into my life again, I was able to really tell a difference. I was sleeping better, my skin was clearer, and overall I was happier.

My Resume:

Growing up, I spent my time competitively figure skating for nearly 10 years. With that, there were on ice, off ice, and many additional choreography lessons. I learned to appreciate the subtle flowing from one move to another and strived to perfect making movements flow all together.

After injuring both knees and a few seasons off, I transitioned into cheerleading for my last two years of high school. I was terrible at cheering, but it was the closest thing I could do after moving to PA and leaving my ice rink and coaches!

I have now been avidly taking barre classes for about a year and couldn’t enjoy it more! I enjoy both time at the barre and that last 20-30 minutes of Pilates. In the classes I teach, I want everyone to feel included no matter what your skill level. Every single move that I teach can be modified to suit any skill set. Also, I enjoy breaking out into tune and having fun as much as possible during class. Working out shouldn’t be dreaded, it should be time to yourself to feel good- and that should be fun!

My Teaching Philosophy:

If you don’t walk out of a barre class feeling like you’ve really pushed yourself or don’t wake up feeling those tiny muscles tight the next morning, then you haven’t worked hard enough. Pulse more next time!

Also, there’s no better way to start your week off then a Monday morning workout at the barre.

My Rocks:

I am supported by my incredible fiancé, Cody. Living a healthy life is very important to us so we have good habits and healthy lifestyles to pass on as we plan to start our family. My mother has also been a huge rock to me through all of the years and long days spent supporting me at the ice rink. She always pushed me to be my best and to make sure that I was always having fun with what I did in life.