Bethany Malykh

Here’s a Little Bit about Me:
I was born and raised in Southern Maryland, and yes, I do miss being near the water 🙂 However, after coming to this area for college and staying for my husband’s job, Mechanicsburg, PA really has become a place we love to call home. After graduating college, marriage, and getting a full time job where I was sitting at a desk most of the time, I slowly realized that I really needed to find some sort of exercise that I enjoyed so that I could start to lose the weight I had gained and just feel healthier overall. I have never been good at going to the gym, so when I heard about Barre, I knew it was something I needed to try. It took me a little while to get up the courage to come try a class since I felt so out of shape, but once I did it, I knew that it was just want I needed and I really wish I had tried it sooner! Becoming an instructor has been a dream come true. I love being able to work with clients to achieve their goals and feel great about themselves!

My Resume:
I have taken various different types of dance since I was young. I have my Bachelor’s Degree from Messiah College where I also continued dancing with Acclamation Dance Ministry. Barre is a wonderful reminder of my days as a dancer and also a great workout! I have my Barre Teaching Certification from Absolute Barre, as well as training in Bounce, Suspend, and Mat Pilates. I am also in the process of completing my Comprehensive Pilates Training through Absolute Pilates.

My Teaching Philosophy:
If you don’t get some enjoyment out of your workout, you won’t stick with it! When our muscles start to “feel the burn” and shake during class, I try my best to say something that gets everyone to smile or giggle, Laughter really is the best medicine and best distraction from sore muscles! I also hope my clients always walk away from my class feeling good about what they have accomplished!

My Rocks:
I have been very blessed to have parents who always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never stop learning new things. My husband, Mike, and I have very different interests when it comes to our hobbies, however, he is always there to support and encourage me whether it’s in the audience at one of my choir concerts, or letting me teach him a barre routine in our living room. I am grateful that I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family that help me bring out the best in myself!