Amberlynn Freeman

I’m not a dancer. I’m not an athlete. I almost literally have two left feet. But what I am is determined to do my best. I’ve been taking barre at various studios and in wildly different styles nationwide since 2017. What attracted me to it was that I was being given instruction rather than left to my own devices and that I felt safe and could build my confidence. I was never much of a “gym rat” or someone that worked out regularly. I would exercise consistently for a couple weeks and then gradually have “things come up” and I would stop. Barre, especially here at the Absolute Pilates studios, creates an environment of friendship, energy, and motivation. You’re not alone in shaking through that plank – I’m here with you!

Some little tidbits about me:

I’m weird, but in a charming way like Kristen Bell. Big animal person, love my plants, and quasi-obsessed with my husband. I love to spend my downtime volunteering either with various veterans nonprofits or the Harrisburg Promise program at HACC. Huge fan of always staying busy over here! Since I’m always running at a thousand miles an hour, it’s rare to find me sitting still.

How did I get started:

After a million years, I finally finished my undergrad in 2019 while working fulltime and I was looking for something to fill the gap when I’m not at work. I tried going to yoga, but I wasn’t very flexible and felt weird among all these human rubber bands around me. Tried to get into cross-stitch….uh, let’s just say pointy things aren’t my forte. Got bored of baking within a week. Then in the winter time, I was Googling barre in Harrisburg and landed on Absolute Pilates. I was confused at first – because what is a “pie-lates”? But I showed up anyway to one of Donna’s barre classes in Harrisburg and it was an immedate click. Barre is low impact, and while you will get your heart rate up and sweating, it doesn’t feel like you’re about to hurt yourself, so whether you’re a beginner or seasoned, barre can be a great addition to your calendar.

What’s my teaching style:

As Dori said in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. In my classes, you’ll find that we’re always moving. If something isn’t working for you, we’ll just do something else. I strive to keep my classes fresh and interesting, while still challenging you to grow. Form will always take precedent over volume, so if you can only do one or two reps, then that’s what we’re doing. I’m here to help you, so never feel shy about asking questions or seeking more. The first step to success is simple: just show up. We’ll fill in the rest from there.