Goal #1: To up her overall awesomeness and “be the best version of myself on my wedding day.”

The Plan: Allison Zang, a owner of Absolute Pilates and co-owner of The Studio, devised a program with the skill and precision that comes from training clients every day, ramping up her typical ma37291_806305659973_294613_nt Pilates routine with equipment Pilates and adding cardio doses of running and more running. Running is cheaper than therapy.

The Workout: “I decided  right after I got engaged that I wanted to finish my pilates teacher training. Time to step it up and look good walking down the isle. I stepped up my cardio and focused in my teacher training program. ”

Food wise: Allison  embarked on an equally precise plan: you would expect nothing less. 1600 calories per day for the first 2 months, 1450 in the final month. “I cut out alcohol and drinks with added calories; I had a shake after every workout to increase my protein, and snacked on string cheese and raw nuts.

Results: “An allover ‘tighter’ physique. I looked great in my dress, but more importantly I felt so proud to have followed through and succeeded in my plan.”

Tip: “To stave off late-night cravings, I’d make herbal tea as soon as I sat down at night to relax.”


Goal #1: To look and feel my best for the “event of my life”.

The Plan: Kristy Coppola, Insanity, PiYo, and Hip Hop instructor constructed a variety of exercises and increased workout time in order to prepare for her special day and her beach honeymoon to follow. She included: strength training, focusing on arms especially the triceps to avoid any arm jiggle, cardio, running (2 miles max) and the stair mill a personal favorite, and yoga.

The Workout: “me in the yardA few months after being engaged my fiancée and I moved to Harrisburg. I was completely out of my normal fitness routine. I missed my challenging classes.  I panicked and decided to just start! I began doing 2 a days. Two workouts per day. One in the morning and one in the evening.

Food wise: Kristy focused on a high protein low fat and low carb diet and used My Fitness Pal to track her calorie intake.  She also used black coffee and herbal tea to curve her appetite.

Results: A lean physique and jiggle-less arms. “I actually felt great. When I put my dress on I thought, ‘that was all worth it!’ I even loved my wedding photos!”

Tip: “This is the event of your life! If you need accountability or help… It’s out there. Go get it! You’ll be so happy you did!”


Goal #1: To up tighten up and feel amazing on my wedding day.”

The Plan: Sierra Webb, barre instructor at The Studio.  She is also working on becoming certified to teach babies at the barre.

The Workout: “A mix of private lessons, to focus on specific areas, group equipment classes and barre classes, to add cardio into the mix.”20150103-D8H_4958

Food wise: “I am a huge foodie, so I watched what and how much I was eating.  My husband and I will each order a meal the both of us want to try, and then share.  I try to only eat half of what I get while out, since portions while at a restaurant can be over-sized.”

Results: “I felt amazing in my dress, all while having more energy to enjoy our big day to its fullest.  I am proud of following through on my plan and sticking to it after the wedding as well.”

Tip: “When a craving hits, grab a few chocolate chips to keep your sweet tooth at bay.”


Goal: To love my wedding day look and be happy with my photos for years to come, feeling comfortable in my own skin.

The Plan: Lauren Kutz
, co-owner of The Studio and an instructor at Absolute Pilates, used a program incorporating barre and Pilates equipment based on a workout she would use in the studio train brides and dancers.

The Workout: “I decided when I bought my wedding dress that it was time to step it into high gear with my workouts. I wanted to look fit and healthy walking down the aisle, so I did what I do best and pulled from my dance background to create wedding dress ready barre and equipment routines for myself.”

Food wise: Lauren used the 21 day fix program in the months leading up to her wedding and increased her water intake.

Results: “I lost about fifteen pounds. I looked fit and toned in my dress. I will love to look back on pictures of my wedding day for years to come.”

Tip: “I would look at pictures of myself trying on my dress from the first time we went dress shopping and it motivated me to push through workouts, even when I was tired or stressed.”