Equipment Pilates can be strength training one of the benefits oodles of benefits to working out on the Pilates Equipment. Many women are afraid to do strength training so we are going bust the myths of why you should do equipment pilates.

You will bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Women do not have the testosterone for need to build muscle like a man. Bodybuilding requires an uber struck regime of exercise and diet.

The best way to get slim and toned is lots of cardio. Cardio is important in good health and fat lass. Strength training gives you the leaned toned looked. Building muscle increase you metabolism, meaning you will build more calories.

Strength training takes to much time. You can do a whole body routine in 30 to 45 min. We hit all the muscle groups in class and we are left with time for targeted core work and stretching in every session at the studio.

Muscle weights more than fat. One pound of anything is one pound. Muscle is more dense so it takes up less space. So the more muscle you have the smaller you will look.Ā Strength training is dangerous. Anything done improperly is dangerous. That is one of bonus of always working with an instructor.