Finding your equilibrium

Life is a balancing act, and it’s essential to stay centered.

Professional athletes know how important balance is to any physical activity. That’s why so many of them are turning to the rebounder. Rebounding improves your balance and coordination while giving you the best full-body workout around.

But balance is even more important off the playing field. It not only makes everyday activities easier but helps prevent injuries caused by falls and poor physical alignment.Whatever your age or fitness level, you can always work on having greater control, stability and self-assurance on your feet.


The ground is not very giving – or forgiving – when you exercise. When you start bouncing on the rebounder’s sturdy, pliable surface, your body automatically works to keep you upright and aligned. With each bounce, your cerebellum and inner ear jump into action, directing muscles to stabilize you. So while you’re bouncing away unaware, you’ll be working your full complement of 638 muscles, especially the big muscle groups in your core and lower body, legs and hips that are crucial for balance. Take it from us: A workout on a rebounder will tone you from head to toe.


Balance is mostly a matter of brain over brawn. The cerebellum, the part of area of your brain responsible for motor control, gets more effective the more it’s challenged. So the more you rebound, the better your balance gets. Though this process can be gradual, improved posture and stability are some of the great benefits you’ll appreciate every day from using a rebounder.

Since the cerebellum is also engaged in several higher functions and cognitive activities, stimulating it through exercise is really training your brain in other areas as well. According to Dr. Irvine Mason from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, an enhanced sense of balance speeds up brain reaction times and improves concentration and cognitive skills such as reading, writing and comprehension. So to boost mental fitness right along with the physical, bring on the rebounder!

(QUICK TIP: To help maintain your balance and posture while bouncing, choose an object across the room, one that’s level with your head, and keep your eyes focused on it.)


More than 2 million Americans visit emergency rooms with fall-related injuries every year. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid becoming a statistic. The improvement in balance and core strength from rebounding will help you better negotiate the twists, turns, and bumps of daily life. You’ll even be less prone to slip on icy surface – and more likely to stay on your feet if you do.


A the studio we are invested in fitness from the bottom up, starting with your feet. It’s why we’ve made sure that, besides delighting your toes, the woven surface of our mats gives you a sense of stability and security. Bouncing in bare feet is the best way go. It not only feels great, but it engages your feet and ankles more, which helps to strengthen them. Also, your feet and ankles contain sensors that play a major role in balance, so freeing them up sends more information to the brain’s balance center. Plus, you’ll be able to feel the stitching along the edge of the mat, making it easy re-center yourself.

Of course, you don’t have to bounce barefoot. If you want a little-added stability at first, or if you have problems with your feet or ankles, wearing shoes can help. Also, consider rebounding using different parts of your feet to stretch them and improve your balance. Bouncing on your heels will help stretch your Achilles tendon – a great antidote to the effects of high heels – while bounding on your toes will strengthen your ankles and calves.


The truth is, there’s no equality with equilibrium: everyone’s sense of balance is different. However, anyone’s balance can be improved…as long as they are willing to take that first step. For anyone looking for some added stability, we offer support bars made of the same heavy gauge steel used in the frames. Available individually or in pairs, they ensure that even if your balance, health or strength is compromised, you can still enjoy all the advantages of exercising on a rebounder.

Bring your life, health and fitness into balance today with rebounding.