Pilates for a Better Golf Game

Simple Pilates Exercises for a Better Golf Game To improve your golf game you need to work on rotation, balance and stability. This is stating the obvious if you are a golfer.  Of course, at Absolute Pilates we know each golfer has individual needs, but these  simple Pilates exercises should be a part of every

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Ready for your Mermaid Dress with the Pros!

Elaine of Elaine Gates Photography and I workout often together. We both also love to run for cardio. Running may not be your thing, but as you plan for your wedding, remember this: If you feel good, you look good; and if you look good, you feel good. Your schedule is packed solid with appointments

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30 Day Barre Class Challenge

Burpee Ah, the burpee. It’s one of the most dreaded exercise moves across the board, and yet every workout seems to incorporate a version of it (even yoga’s sun salutation resembles it). Why? Because it no joke works. Do it right, and you’ll strengthen your shoulders, your arms, your core, your glutes—basically, your whole body—in

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How the Pros of Absolute Pilates Got in Shape for Their Own Weddings

 Goal #1: To up her overall awesomeness and “be the best version of myself on my wedding day.” The Plan: Allison Zang, a owner of Absolute Pilates and co-owner of The Studio, devised a program with the skill and precision that comes from training clients every day, ramping up her typical mat Pilates routine with equipment Pilates and adding

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Pilates and Weight Loss

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do Pilates to lose weight and keep it off”?  Probably not, and here’s why: The Pilates involves so much more than physical exercise and physical benefits!  Even if you started practicing Pilates to drop some pounds, usually the transformation that happens by practicing Pilates is so much bigger than

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What is Pilates?

How It Works Dust off your  mat and get ready to do a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. The moves may look simple, but they take a lot of precision and control. Pilates is not just a bunch of sit ups; there’s a strong emphasis on technique. You can do Pilates

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