Winter Weather

Winter weather policy: we are lucky to have staff close to the studio. We will do our best to keep classes staffed in winter weather. We allow you cancel in inclement weather with no fee. Please wait and see what is happening there is always the chance there will be no weather when it is

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Meet Ryan

How did you get into fitness? My wife starting taking Pilates and after hearing her talk about her classes, I decided to give it a try. After my first class, I was hooked! I’m in the middle of my Pilates equipment training and have really been enjoying teaching.  What is your favorite part of teaching?

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Barre and Running

Any athlete should strive for a balanced and strong physique.  This is especially true for runners.  Obviously, this is easier said that done.  It takes time, energy, discipline and consistency. I (Allison) have been a life long running. My father set me down this path shortly after I learned how to walk. We spent countless

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Pilates for a Better Golf Game

Simple Pilates Exercises for a Better Golf Game To improve your golf game you need to work on rotation, balance and stability. This is stating the obvious if you are a golfer.  Of course, at Absolute Pilates we know each golfer has individual needs, but these  simple Pilates exercises should be a part of every

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Ready for your Mermaid Dress with the Pros!

Elaine of Elaine Gates Photography and I workout often together. We both also love to run for cardio. Running may not be your thing, but as you plan for your wedding, remember this: If you feel good, you look good; and if you look good, you feel good. Your schedule is packed solid with appointments

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30 Day Barre Class Challenge

Burpee Ah, the burpee. It’s one of the most dreaded exercise moves across the board, and yet every workout seems to incorporate a version of it (even yoga’s sun salutation resembles it). Why? Because it no joke works. Do it right, and you’ll strengthen your shoulders, your arms, your core, your glutes—basically, your whole body—in

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