Savvy Sisters Event

The Studio by Absolute Pilates and Allison were super excited to make this happen on in the summer of 2018. We hosted 8 matches from the Savvy Sisters Group which is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Allison got to chat with the girls about fitness over the lifespan her and her journey

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Why’s That? – Roots for my Future

Ten years down the road, Absolute Pilates employs fifteen trainers, has five locations, is branching their social media and welcomes new clients regularly. With this much growth, it’s easy to forget those initial roots. Not me – my roots are not left in the past but are continually spreading to impact what I do today.

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Bounce Back to Balance

EVERYTHING’S BETTER IN BALANCE Finding your equilibrium Life is a balancing act, and it’s essential to stay centered. Professional athletes know how important balance is to any physical activity. That’s why so many of them are turning to the rebounder. Rebounding improves your balance and coordination while giving you the best full-body workout around. But

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Bounce to Stress Less

Renew yourself with rebounding Reaching peak physical condition isn’t about pushing yourself, it’s about giving your body everything it needs to get there. And that includes time to rest and renew. Of course, sleep and relaxation are our main ways of unwinding, but some types of aerobic activity can also be extremely effective – like

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STAYING LIMBER Our highly elastic bungees will help you stretch, too It’s not only athletes who need to stay flexible. Flexibility is important throughout the day – tying shoes, reaching that high shelf, getting in and out of cars – and helps prevent stress and injury. A workout on a rebounder not only loosens muscles, joints, and

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Rebounding is the ultimate cardio!

PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT Jumping gets the blood pumping Quick, fun, convenient cardio that’s truly effective – it’s what everyone’s after. Rebounding on a mini trampoline does all that and more. It gets your heart and circulatory system firing on all cylinders in no time – plus, you’ll love every minute. Because you are acting

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